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It’s Virtually Reality.

Immersive, Effortless and Accessible Presentation Technology

What is SmartStage®?

SmartStage® is the world’s leading range of turnkey XR solutions for creating immersive presentation, performance and teaching environments. It provides an innovative new way of storytelling and curating experiences.

By replacing a green screen environment with LED video displays, our SmartStage® technology allows presenters to be fully immersed in digital content and virtual worlds. Users are able to see their presentation content, colleagues and clients surrounding them, allowing conversations to become more natural and making subject matter content far more engaging.

SmartStage® is making extended reality (XR) and the future of immersive technologies accessible and effortless for all to embrace.


Enable teams to share, discuss and explore all the content and data in a collaborative experience.


Become immersed in any scenario, whether that’s training, education, or visual concepts.


Deliver an engaging, unforgettable presentation, where you step inside to be unified with your content.


Engage, inspire and delight in a fully immersive presentation and storytelling world..


From virtual set extensions to augmented reality 3D props and graphics, VC integration, infinitely scalable real-time content and full-body teleportation, SmartStage® gives you everything you need in one package, to embrace the future of XR production and stand out from the crowd.

Immersive Environment

The SmartStage® environment is a limitless 360° virtual world, where hosts have complete freedom of movement and become fully immersed in their surroundings.

Virtual Set Extension

A virtual set extension expands content beyond the physical LED environment, allowing the camera(s) to freely explore the virtual world, revealing additional content.

Augmented Reality

Augmented graphics, such as 3D props, graphs or data can be incorporated alongside the presenter “on stage”, to emphasise and bring specific content to life.

Step Inside Your Content

Virtually stepping inside their content, hosts will experience an emotive connection with subject matter. Remote audiences benefit from seeing and reacting to this coming to life before their eyes.

One-Stop Content Production

Fully integrated streaming and asynchronous recording functionality. Integrated broadcast quality vision mixing for professional production of your presentation.

Present From Anywhere

Virtually transport yourself anywhere, instantly, without needing to travel. Have a live 360 stream of your city as the view, or transport yourself with a single click to New York. You could even hold a meeting from Mars!


No prior broadcast training is required. From the moment the host(s) step inside the SmartStage®, nerves are forgotten as they are instinctively drawn to interact naturally with the environment and audience surrounding them.

Freedom From Technology

No complex green screen setups or keying adjustments. The host(s) can simply walk onstage and go live, giving complete freedom over wardrobe, while harnessing all the benefits of an XR-powered solution.


Remote contributors can be transported into the environment using full-body teleportation or placed into limitless in-vision monitors.


The user-friendly system can be self-driven via a highly intuitive
touchscreen application,  enabling a scalable operation for SmartStage® deployment across your business.

VC Platform Integration

Remote audiences attending via video conference platforms, are fully visible alongside the host and presentation content, creating natural interaction through real-time eye contact, body language and active

Content Agnostic

SmartStage® is render engine agnostic, giving you the freedom to seamlessly integrate your real-time tools of choice, including Unreal Engine, Unity and Notch.