Revolutionising collaboration. The future of interaction and engagement for seamless in-person and remote audience experiences.

Our new normal world will see an ever-increasing hybrid of in-person and remote audiences attending meetings, learning and training sessions and events, simultaneously. SmartStage® Hybrid brings the full power of our SmartStage® technology to your hybrid presentation environment, elevating the immersive experience for both physical and virtual participants alike.


SmartStage® Hybrid is designed to fit in a range of different areas, including collaborative workspaces, event hubs and classrooms. Its core components feature a large high-resolution LED video wall, a 45° LED wing on either side and an LED floor to create a truly immersive environment.


The LED wall and wings combine to extend the real digital canvas, providing more space for remote participants and presentation content to appear naturally in the eye-line of the presenter and audience.

The LED floor completes the environment to present a unified, fully-immersive digital canvas. This allows presenters to be entirely immersed in a virtual world, which can be changed at the push of a button.


SmartStage® Hybrid is the future of more natural, blended collaboration. All remote participants become visible onstage alongside the host and content, making them a more active part of discussions and promoting engagement. A camera captures the in-person participants and places them in the virtual space, offering a unified view for the remote participants, allowing everyone to see and interact with each other, as if in the same room.

Ultimate collaborative presentation space

Removes the barrier between remote and in-person participants

7m x 2.3m, high-resolution LED Screen backdrop, incorporating 2 x 45° wings

6m x 2m, durable LED floor for total immersion in content

Increased live collaboration with interactive displays

Effortless audio and video capture of everyone in the room

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