Big is small. Your window to the virtual world beyond single-screen presentation environments.

SmartStage® Surface is the ultimate high-spec, single-wall presentation solution, designed to offer maximum flexibility for easy installation within compact spaces and rooms of any shape or size. As well as providing a much in-demand high-resolution presentation environment with LED screen technology, the Surface solution provides a cost-effective entry point to our SmartStage® range – harnessing the power of XR, to make world-class digital presentations even more accessible and easy-to-produce.


SmartStage® Surface elevates a standard presentation screen by creating a digital canvas, which provides user configurable picture-in-picture content or a window into a virtual world. Instead of using green screen, presenters and audience remain in a familiar environment and see content on the screen behind the presenter. Presentations are naturally enhanced by the comfort of seeing and interacting with the content but with the added benefit of remote participants appearing life-size, as if they were in the room with the audience.

At the push of a button, SmartStage® Surface allows the real LED screen to be expanded with a virtual extension, placing the presenter in a 360° virtual environment and adding augmented reality objects to bring presentations to life. Now you can create world-class digital presentations, where the only limit is your imagination.


SmartStage® Surface can be easily upgraded with the addition of an LED floor for total immersion in the virtual world. Adding LED wings, as well as the floor, enables an upgrade path to our ground-breaking SmartStage® Hybrid product. 

Single 4m x 2.3m, high resolution LED Screen

Freedom to present your content from within a limitless, virtual world

Scale your world for that large-scale presentation experience

Add augmented reality content layers to enhance your presentation for the viewer

More natural and relaxed presentation experience

Seamlessly integrates to any physical wall in your space

Intuitive and entirely user-driven experience

Product Details

* upgrade option
** more product options available, speak to the team

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