Large-scale, true immersion. The ultimate multi-person presentation solution.

SmartStage® Pro is our flagship XR stage, for simple yet flexible installation within large foyers, auditoriums, or studios. This platform is ideal for delivering multi-person, large-scale streamed events, seminars and presentations. Offering a multi-cam experience for maximum flexibility, it captures a range of different shots and perspectives to elevate your production values.


Two large broadcast-grade LED video walls and an LED video floor are included, for a truly immersive XR solution on a larger scale. The durable floor has high loading capacity, anti-skid surface and IP65 rating, for ease of cleaning and protection.

SmartStage® Pro is fully featured without compromise. SmartStage® Pro includes a dedicated operator gallery position when required to support an enhanced level of control for more demanding production requirements. A broadcast-quality camera on a mobile lightweight arm is provided, complete with spatial tracking, which tells the system exactly where the camera is at any given moment.

SmartStage® Pro also includes, as standard, our presenter tracking solution. This enables the lighting to synchronise with the presenter for optimum effect. This gives complete freedom of movement within the environment, allowing for full interaction with the virtual world surrounding them. Adding trackers to any props used within the space gives the presenter additional tools to manipulate their surrounding virtual world and achieve a unique level of interaction with digital content.

A 5x5m multi-person space that can accommodate physical props and large scenic elements

Auto-tracked lighting feature to highlight your presenter(s)

Augmented reality props tracking

Dedicated gallery control position for enhance production control

Multi-camera system

4K native end-to-end workflow as standard

Product Details

* upgrade option
** more product options available, speak to the team

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