Sleek and Streamlined. Connect the power of SmartStage to elevate your personal communications.

SmartStage® Connect offers the wide-ranging benefits of extended reality, at a cost and space-effective entry level. Its compact and flexible design is ideal for small rooms and office areas where space is at a premium, creating a heightened professional environment for smaller meetings and presentations.


The system includes two high-resolution, low-profile LED walls and has been designed to fit in low ceiling height office environments. SmartStage® Connect fits discreetly within the corner of your physical environment, surrounding you with content and creating virtual windows, which allow you to present from anywhere your presentation takes you.



A pan/tilt/zoom robotic camera is provided to capture the output directly from SmartStage® Connect, which can then be fed directly to a video conference call, delivered to a live stream, or archived as a digital recording.

SmartStage® Connect is entirely user-driven through an intuitive touch-screen display. This gives the presenter autonomy to control all content – effortlessly switching between camera shots, screen positions, virtual world backdrops and other full-screen content sources such as your laptop or remote participants.


Software-based video conferencing platforms are fully integrated into SmartStage® Connect, allowing remote collaborators and shared content, to appear within the environment surrounding the presenter. SmartStage® Connect makes video conference integration an intuitive and seamless experience. Simply plug your laptop or presentation content into the system, join a meeting from the built-in video conferencing platform and you are ready to go!

The ultimate executive presentation tool

Transport your office to anywhere, with a flexible digital view

A compact 2x3m high-resolution LED solution

Seamlessly integrates into the corner of your physical environment

Entirely user-driven system

Professional video conferencing, streaming and content production at the push of a button

Product Details

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** more product options available, speak to the team

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