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The SmartStage® Immerse solution is designed for simple yet flexible installation in a larger meeting space, classroom, or studio environment. Ideal for meetings, distanced learning or presentations, the flexible configuration gives freedom of movement to the host and camera, creating an immersive XR environment for producing streamed or recorded content.


SmartStage® Immerse builds onto the Connect system, also available as an upgrade path, and includes two larger broadcast grade LED video walls. The addition of an LED video floor further elevates the SmartStage® Immerse solution, for total XR immersion. The durable floor has high loading capacity, anti-skid surface and IP65 rating, for ease of cleaning and protection.


A broadcast camera is provided on a mobile lightweight arm, complete with intuitive spatial tracking, which notifies the system exactly where the camera is at any given moment. This allows you to capture dynamic camera shots, with the background updating in real-time to the perspective of the camera.

SmartStage® Immerse allows presenters to step inside their content. This is achieved through the seamless integration of 3D objects, such as graphs, logos or props, to bring presentation content to life. Enhanced optional features such as full-body teleportation add further layers of immersion and natural remote collaboration to the experience.

A 3x3m immersive presenter space

A scalable solution that can grow with you

Broadcast quality studio lighting

Spatially tracked broadcast camera

Optional enhanced features such as teleportation and presenter tracking to elevate your production values

Product Details

* upgrade option
** more product options available, speak to the team

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