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Groundbreaking new developments in XR have been disrupting the world of Film and TV production in recent years. The technology and tools enable actors, presenters and directors to be truly immersed in the environment. In-Camera LED screens, camera tracking technology, real-time content engines and augmented reality all form the backbone of today’s modern broadcast and film set. SmartStage® provides the technical infrastructure required to explore the technologies and workflows of this rapidly growing industry.

Sports & News Broadcast

Virtual Production


Turn-Key Studios

Sports and News Broadcast

SmartStage® was the world’s first XR solution for broadcast and has successfully been utilised by global broadcasters since 2017. Today, SmartStage® still provides turn-key solutions for broadcasters, giving them easy access to the latest XR technology; drawing on the full scope of mixed realities to provide ground-breaking, immersive analysis of sporting action and news stories. The technology allows true interaction, with the content appearing physically in the space, allowing raw emotion to be captured in the very first take, rather than lost in rehearsals.
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Believable virtual environments 

SmartStage® puts broadcasters and talent believably in the virtual world, with real reflections, environmental lighting and no chromakeying.


Remote contributors

Remote contributors can be transported into the environment using full-body teleportation or placed into limitless in-vision monitors. Eye lines are accurate and conversations are natural.


Tell better stories

With SmartStage®, broadcasters can tell better stories and engage audiences more than ever before. By enabling presenters to step inside content, an emotive connection is formed and complex stories can be told in a new dimension.


Limitless scalability

Increase the ‘wow factor’ and engage audiences via the limitless SmartStage® virtual world, scaled to suit different size studios. Harness game-changing capabilities, with infinite render power and a multi-platform graphics workflow.

Virtual Production

Virtual production is transforming the art of film-making and XR technologies are enabling that revolution. “VP” combines the virtual and augmented reality with CGI and game-engine technologies to enable production crews to see their scenes in real-time, composited and captured on the physical LED screens. Avoiding “green screen fatigue” when creating a film, SmartStage® provides a full end to end technology infrastructure to experiment, learn and enter this exciting new world of Virtual Production.

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Iterative, nonlinear collaboration

Virtual production encourages a more iterative, nonlinear process, empowering filmmakers to collaborate on visual details in real time.


Real-time compositing

SmartStage® supports the playback of all major real-time render engines, Unreal Engine, Unity and Notch. Integrate your real-time and 3D assets into an XR environment with ease.


Distributed Rendering

SmartStage® provides fully distributed rendering of real-time scenes to both increase performance of animation and resolution. This gives artists greater freedom to create without limits.


Capture Real-world camera movement

SmartStage® is integrated with camera tracking technology to enable you to explore full virtual worlds and capture scenes from the cameras perspective. No more “fix it in post”, now “fix it in production”.


SmartStage® enables the next generation of interactive studio productions. By making the virtual world physically visible, the studio guest and audience experience is elevated, allowing them to see and interact with content live and requiring no rehearsal to capture those first-take emotions. By seamlessly integrating remote participants and harnessing the power of virtual worlds, SmartStage® helps increase sustainability of productions, whilst reducing budgets and physical build requirements. SmartStage® unleashes the infinite creative potential of your production team, whilst making it effortless to achieve believable virtual productions.

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Build the impossible
Build limitless sets that aren’t constrained by physics, space or budget.

Create next-gen hybrid productions
Bring in large-scale remote audiences and contributors and connect them naturally with in-person studio guests and viewers. SmartStage® makes the virtual world visible to everyone.

Truly interactive experiences
The digital world can react in real-time to player, audience or host actions. SmartStage® makes these interactions visible to everyone, achieving true gamification, engagement and response without prior rehearsal or training.

Limitless scalability
Reduce production costs and spatial requirements by integrating SmartStage® within a physical set. The SmartStage® footprint and render power can be scaled to suit any size studio and creative vision.

Turnkey Studios

SmartStage® provides the ideal technology platform enabling anyone to operate a flexible, immersive studio facility. Scalable in footprint and configuration, our SmartStage® range turns almost any space into an environment for producing world-class broadcast content, by harnessing the power of XR.

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Infinitely flexible environment
By replacing a physical set with an LED environment, SmartStage® allows the background to be changed at the push of a button, immersing users in a visible virtual world.

Effortless production
SmartStage® removes the limitations of greenscreen, improving the believability of the virtual world. You can now see and interact with the surrounding content. Lighting and reflections are authentic and there are no technical complexities of chromakeying.

Fully scalable
Turn almost any space into a broadcast studio, with SmartStage® solutions designed to fit flexibly in any location. The virtual world provides limitless potential, unrestrained by physics, space or budget.

Turn-key and supportable
SmartStage® has been designed as a turn-key and fully supportable solution, making XR technologies accessible to all, backed by our world-class training and support packages.

Eurosport US Open Case Study

Download our Eurosport US Open Case Study to see how our products work in a broadcast setting.